Application Testing

Professor Name:Eric Fan
Cooperation Partner:Yuanshan Branch of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital / Singtex Industrial Co., Ltd

In hospitals, it is common to see patients using urine bag in wheelchairs while they move around. The visibility of urine bag makes patients feel embarrassed. Thus, a urine bag is hard to carry around and the catheter is too long to twine round the knees, making it easy to be pulled and cause pain to patients. These issues mentioned above all influence patient’s physical and mental health.

By using universal design method, this design can completely hide the urine bag in the pants, which protects patient’s privacy and reduce their inconvenience since others cannot see the bag directly. It will help patients increase their confidence and self-esteem. Nurses and caregivers can open the zipper on the inner thigh and replace the catheter for patients. The fixed point design on the pants will help patients to arrange the catheter and avoid pulling it. Patients can empty the urine bag by themselves without taking out the urine bag. 

The design reduces the caregiver's burden, increases medical quality and also makes patients more confident and their privacy protected.