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Taipei Tech and MAA Sign MoU to Establish Offshore Windfarm Partnership

On 2 December 2021, MAA and National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) signed “Offshore Windfarm Technical Development and Engineering Technology Application Partnership” MoU.

Taiwan’s offshore windfarm has moved to Phase 3, Zonal Development Round, which calls for the growing demands for offshore windfarms. By doing so, the government and the industry hope to overcome the lack of design experiences and achieve design localization.

Since 2018, MAA has actively pursued offshore windfarm businesses. The project MAA participated in will be the first sustainable O&M base and facility center in Asia and the largest in Taiwan upon its completion next year. In addition, MAA participated in the design of turbine tower in the offshore windfarm, which was interconnected to the distribution system in August this year. MAA also engages in offshore windfarm talent development to support local technical capabilities.

Taipei Tech President Sea-Fue Wang and Yu-Gi Song along with other professionals in Taipei Tech founded Research Center of Offshore Wind Power Engineering to enact offshore windfarm regulations for the government and facilitate the localization of offshore windfarm. The results have been successful. The collaboration between MAA and Taipei Tech will nurture local cross-disciplinary professionals and enable the transition of net zero by 2050.


Group photo from both parties