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Taipei Tech Industry Liaison Office

【English Version】

publish date : 2009-12-07

Dean :
Jen-Yang Lin

Civil Engineering Ph.D.
Leading Research and Development Center

Tel:+886-2-2771-2171 ext 6001
E-mail: jylin@ntut.edu.tw


Officer :
Min-Huei Wu

1.Control and checkup of expenditure.
2.Purchase, management, and maintenance of public property.
3.Register and filing of official documents.
4.Regular convocation of meetings and note-taking wherein.
5.Planning daily schedule for the Director.
6.Personnel management of work-study students.
7.Carrying out immediate orders by the superiors

Tel:+886-2-2771-2171 ext 6000
E-mail: luna0322@ntut.edu.tw


 Officer :
Ju-Tien Chen

2.manage the website for Research and Development Center

Tel:+886-2-2771-2171 ext 6003
E-mail: ju-tien@ntut.edu.tw




Center List
  • Center for Regional Industry-Education 

  • Innovation & Incubation Center

  • Technology Licensing Center

  • Center for the Development of Low-Carbon, Green Energy and Eco-Community
  • Energy Research Center, ERC
  • Water Environment Research Center
  • Biomedical Industrial R&D Center
  • College of Engineering College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Center of EMO Materials and Nanotechnology

  • Recycling oriented Environment Research Center
  • Chemical Material Analysis Research Center
  • Biotechnology R&D Center 
  • 結構及材料工程維護管理應用發展中心
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Research Center
  • Aggregates and mineral resources research center
  • Multidisciplinary Technology researches in a Medical engineering research Team
  • Advanced Textile Research Center
  • Advanced Chemical and Material Research Center
  • Disaster Mitigation Center with Remote Sensing and High Performance Computing Visualization; 
  • Electrical Energy Center
  • Automation Center, ATC
  • Vehicle Technology Research & Development Center
  • Center for Cleaning Technology Research
  • 專利訓練與服務研發中心
  • 物聯網研發中心
  • ERP與專案管理研發中心
  • Emission Reduction and Energy Conservation Center
  • Product Innovation and Rapid Development Laboratory
  • 能源監控研究中心
  • College of Design College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Sustainable Environment and Green Building Research Center
  • Taiwan Cultural Luxury Design Teaching and Learning Resource Center
  • 創新設計與知識管理研發中心
  • 創新綠建築研發與推廣中心
  • Software Development Research Center
  • Center for Power Electronics Technology
  • 光學系統研發中心
  • 網路電信研究中心
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Management
  • Sport and Exercise Science Research Center
  • Carbon Neutral Architecture Center
  • TRIZ-based Innovative Capability and Digital Content Implementation &Development Center
  • Rare Earth and Rare Element Research and Technology Center
  • 創新價值研發中心