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Taipei Tech Professor Hu Shih-cheng Receives National Award for Pioneering Semiconductor Research and Industry-Academic Collaboration

publish date : 2023-04-21

Hu Shih-cheng, Taipei Tech Distinguished Professor, was honored with the 2023 National Award for Industry-Academic Cooperation by the Ministry of Education on April 17. Recognized as a leading global expert in contamination control for semiconductor wafer fabrication, Hu has dedicated over three decades to researching cleanroom and high-tech facility technologies.


In the past ten years, Hu has secured over NTD$200 million for Taipei Tech through industry-academia partnerships, technology transfers, and patents. One of his most notable collaborations was with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) on a solution for controlling wafer micro-contamination. The patented solution improves upon the shortcomings of traditional wafer carriers, increasing product yield, and is now becoming standard equipment in high-end semiconductor manufacturing processes. This process has been adopted by Intel and Micron, and further implemented in TSMC’s new factory in Arizona.


Understanding that Taiwan primarily imports semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which often doesn’t align with local needs, Hu is continuing to develop novel clean control technologies and solutions. By leading two research centers at Taipei Tech – one focused on cleanroom technology and the other on semiconductor processes and equipment – Hu has showcased exemplary industry-academia cooperation and established new business models for local suppliers.


Hu co-authored the seminal book ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms and is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).


Beyond his research accomplishments, Hu is devoted to nurturing talent. For over a decade, he has conducted short-term training programs, teaching more than 2,500 trainees. He has mentored over 140 graduate and PhD students, most of whom have secured engineering positions in the high-tech industry. Recently, Hu has been collaborating with Japan’s Shibaura Institute of Technology on the SAKURA Science Program to promote student exchange.


In light of growing emphasis on ESG, Hu is developing a recycled chemical filter that could revolutionize the reduction of waste and carbon emissions. He also aims to expand the applications of his patented particle visualization technology for airflow.