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Correlations between Spatial Configuration and Air Quality in Intensive Care Unit

Correlations between Spatial Configuration and Air Quality in Intensive Care Unit

Basic Technology
Professor Name:Chih-Hong Huang
Cooperation Partner:Fu-Ying Liao

Objective: To explore the correlation between the air conditioning system of the Intensive Care Unit and the bacterial colony distribution, with the air-conditioning wind field planning and room design, eliminate the indoor wind field eddy, reduce the phenomenon of airflow stationary and bacterial colony deposition, in addition to improve the number of bacterial colonies hidden in the air duct.  
Method: The wind speed measurement is performed by the field experiment on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with three height matrix points of 65 cm, 130 cm, and 240 cm, and with the wind speed measurement point, a bioaerosol sampling is made by Inertial Impaction. After the culture of the bacterial colony, the sample is sent to a professional biological unit for bacterial colony identification.
Conclusion: The low-level airflow is stagnant, except for a few areas that are disturbed by the airflow of people walking, the wind speed values are all zero. The upper area is obviously affected by the position of the air outlet and the return air outlet. The wind speed around the air outlet is obviously larger. The distribution of the bacterial colony is affected by the airflow deposition. The bacterial colony CFU value in the lower layer is much higher than the middle height. Conclusion: (1) The wind field of indoor air conditioning system is an important factor affecting the distribution of bacterial colony. (2) The distribution of bacterial colony by airflow, which forms one of the transmission routes of bacterial infection. (3) Using the wind farm design control of the air conditioning system, the formation of the wind field eddy can be avoided, the bacterial colony deposition and stationary phenomenon can be reduced, and the CFU value of the bacterial colony numbers in the air can be effectively reduced.

Key words: Bioaerosol, Indoor Air Quality, Intensive Care Unit, Air Infection, Air Media