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Smart Health- Breathing Kidney

Smart Health- Breathing Kidney

Application Testing
Professor Name:Zheng, Meng-Cong/Chuang, Wen- yih

Breathing Kidney is designed for patients who are on dialysis. It is an All-In-One Carrier that could storage all items required for the treatment, and could easily operate all functions through smartphone app. With the use of the All-In-One Carrier and app, the preparation and steps of carrying out CAPD treatment are greatly improved. Breathing Kidney is to carry at home, at workplace or on the road. Wider handle allows balance and stability when hanging dialysate. Pre-set heating function on smart phone app can save time and avoid dialysate damage with overheating. Slide cover let patients easily reach supplies at any space. Pulling rod combines electronic weighing scale function, and could simply hang the dialysate on the pulling rod and rotate to turn on the electronic weighing scale, the data will be recorded via mobile app. The spare batteries could also charge by the home battery charger. User could place it at home or office. Thus, they could always have fully charged batteries whenever they are going out. Breathing Kidney is designed to simplify the operation and improve CAPD patients’ inconvenience in life!