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【The OIAC team】




Dean :

My research interests include developing innovated fluorogenic and electrochemical active molecules for biosensors, bioelectronics and bio-imaging, synthesizing novel anti-cancer agents, design and synthesizing DNA intercalators for electrochemical gene detection and preparing new efficient water vapor impermeable packaging materials for new generation of bendable solar cells and bio-electronic devices.

Duties :

Overall leadership and supervision of the Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation affairs.

Tel:+886-2-2771-2171 ext 6001


Officer :

Duties :
1.Control and checkup of expenditure.
2.Purchase, management, and maintenance of public property.
3.Register and filing of official documents.
4.Regular convocation of meetings and note-taking wherein.
5.Planning daily schedule for the Director.
6.Carrying out immediate orders by the superiors

Tel:+886-2-2771-2171 ext 6000